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As I was searching the internet for a site that teaches how to write Chinese characters I found Arch Chinese. It is an incredible site with a wealth of tools to help students learn Mandarin. This week's character (below) is possible due to the tools on Arch Chinese. Some of the tools are free, but a $30.00 annual membership allows students to use all of the tools available on the site.

Monthly Vocabulary

Each month the children at Little Pandas Preschool learn vocabulary related to our monthly theme. This month the children are learning about tropical rainforests and the animals who inhabit them. A few of the new words are listed below.

hai3 - ocean hai3 tun2 - dolphin hai3 xing1 - starfish yu2 - fish
jing1 yu2 - whale sha1 yu2 - shark hai3 bao4 - seal bei4 ke2 - shell
xie4 - crab hai3 ma3 - sea horse hai3 gui1 - turtle ba1 dai4 yu2 - octopus

This Week's Character

In addition to learning vocabulary related to the monthly theme the children are also learning preschool concepts in Chinese.

kou3, mouth


Arch Chinese Asia for Kids ChinesePod
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