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Our toddler classroom is a great place set up just for 20-35 month olds to grow and explore at their own pace.

Toddler Table Bulletin Board and Science Center Teeter Totter

The toddler classroom has been painted in cheerful pastel green and yellow. The light and arches create different shades of color throughout the room.

Different items are rotated at the science table under the tree for children to explore.

Children enjoy playing together on the teeter totter and building with blocks.

Sand table Shopping carts Reading Corner

Our beautiful wood sand table has a clear tub to enhance the children's learning experiences.

The shopping carts are a big hit with toddlers!

Children enjoy quiet time at the reading corner. Storytime takes place here before children nap.

Shelving with toys and art supplies Toddler Kitchen Slide

Our shelves are stocked with beautiful toys and many art supplies.

Toddlers like playing in the kitchen and with the doll furniture.

Our classroom is set up for toddlers to move about freely and develop large motor skills. The kids enjoy playing on the slide.

Cots Living Room Ikea Chairs

All of the children are assigned their own cot.

The twos have their own living room which is used for soft play and quiet activities. When children wake from nap they can join a teacher here while waiting for friends to get up.

We love our child sized Ikea chairs.

Airplane Cubbies Hall Cubbies

Children enjoy riding the airplane.

Each child has a cubby to store his/her belongings.

These cubbies are located in the hallway.


The kitchen area is used to serve lunches and snacks. Bottled water is used for drinking.

Hours: 7:30-5:30 Monday through Friday

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