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Childcare where children learn through play! Childcare options in Oregon include exempt family, registered family, certified family, or center care. There are over 5200 child care homes in Oregon. Of that number just over 220 are certified homes. There are about 1000 centers. Certified care is a unique choice that can provide your child with the benefits of both center and family care. Certified homes are regulated like centers and have many of the same requirements. Every certified home goes through an annual certification process and is inspected by the childcare division and the county health department. The certifier also observes the staff working with children and may conduct unannounced visits during the year.
Certified providers/site managers must have one full year of previous childcare experience or college training in early childhood education, child development, or in a related field. All staff have background checks, CPR & first aid training, and food handler's cards. In addition to this all of our teachers receive 15 hours of annual child development training.
Little Pandas Preschool is a certified home that meets all of the state's requirements and is able to provide your child a wonderful preschool experience that will help to prepare him for the next step in his educational journey.

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