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Our well equipped classroom is set up to allow children to learn through play and independent exploration. Toys and manipulatives are easily accessible to children and promote productive play experiences. After circle time children may work at centers of their choice. Centers have been set up for children to learn preschool concepts related to language arts, science, math, reading, sensory, and art. A large array of books and reading materials are always available for children to explore. Children's artwork is displayed throughout the room. The gym is 42'x25'x2 stories and is used for rainy day fun where your child can run and squeal for joy. Children spend as much time as possible playing outside in the backyard.

Many improvements have been made to the preschool home and some are still in progress. The gym was painted yellow this past summer with sky blue trim. French doors were installed adding more light to the gym and allowing the children to see outside. A new table was added, new chairs purchased, and two new cabinets were added to the block center. New mirrors are being installed as soon as we can determine what is the best type to purchase and the best way to install them. Changes are also being made in the preschool classroom. The goal is to make the classroom less institutionalized and create a warm homey environment for the preschoolers. New bulletin boards are being installed with wood trim instead of paper trims. A new magnetic calendar has been constructed and put up. The doll house has been painted to match the calendar. Beautiful photographic posters are being framed and will replace three of the bulletin boards. The posters will be changed seasonally. Toys are also being updated. This page is being updated with new pictures as we finish up this project.


language arts table This table is used for our language arts center.
language arts cart The language arts cart is brought out daily after circle time and is one of the centers children may choose to work at. Activities are rotated regulary with five to six available each day. Zoo Phonics activities are always available to help reinforce the concepts learned during circle time.
bookcase Children at Little Pandas Preschool are given many opportunities to gain pre-reading and language skills. A large variety of books are always available for children to use. We participate in The Multnomah County Library books program, and all three of our classrooms receive a new tub of books every 6 weeks. Both the toddler and preschool classes walk to the library for story time and to check out books when the weather permits. Children enjoy the daily Chinese and English story time just before nap. After storytime children choose books to read before falling asleep.
classroom Another view of our classroom.
bulletin board Bulletin boards are used to display children's work. There are several cabinets and drawers located in our classroom that are filled with toys including Duplos, gears, puppets, dramatic play items, Lincoln Logs, and Wedgits.
music cart Music & Chinese circle time takes place on the carpeted area. The children enjoy singing, dancing, and making music with percussion instruments. The flannelboard on the other side of the cart is used for Chinese instruction as well as for telling multi-cultural stories.
math center Activities are rotated on a regular basis in our math center. Children will find teacher prepared materials here as well as early childhood manipulatives such as Cuisenaire Rods, Unifix Cubes, geoboards, pattern blocks, and counting bears.
light table The kids love learning about science! We rotate different items at the science and light table that relate to our current theme. They also enjoy looking at different items under the microscope. The bottom shelf is used for storing items which are always accessible to the children such as flashlights, paper, pencils, markers, magnifying glasses and measuring tools.

Art & Sensory Room

art room This is the room we use for messy art such as painting and working with clay. Children have access to the bottom three art shelves which are stocked with paper and various art supplies.
art table Children may choose to work daily in the art center. Some of the options include painting, coloring, cutting, drawing, and gluing. Children are also given the choice to work on art projects planned for the entire group. Occasionally long term projects are provided for children to work on. Children may choose to work on a project and then set it aside to work on at a later time when they feel inspired to do so.
sand table Daily sand play encourages development of math and science concepts. Depending on our current unit study the sensory table could be filled with other things such as such as water, ice, potting soil, grains, and clean mud. Tools to work with the various media related to our study themes are set out for the children to work with. We like to fill our sensory table with colored sand. There are 30 different colors to choose from. This year the children have purple sand to play with.


bounce house. We are fortunate to have a great indoor space for lots of rainy day fun. The kids love to jump in the bounce house, play on riding toys, dance in front of mirrors, and tumble on the preschool mats!
gym Our gym.
children's cubbies. All of the children have their own cubby to store their belongings and extra items left at school.
blocks Our block center. n addition to the standard unit blocks children can play with trains and marble runs in the block center.
block center Mats are set out for the children to jump and tumble on. They're also set out as a landing area outside the bounce house.
table These tables are used for a variety of activities including meals and parties. The children painted house blocks to add to the block center.
naptime. After our daily story time children take naps on assigned cots in the gym.


storybook cottage. On nice days the children spend much of their time outside climbing and swinging on the playstructure, splashing in the water table, painting, and making believe in the storybook cottage.
patio The patio is used for outdoor projects. Summer toys and supplies are stored in the cabinet.
water table The water table is set out during the summer months where activities and toys are rotated through the center.
swing Children and teachers enjoy taking a break on hot summer days in the swing.

Hours: 7:30-5:30 Monday through Friday

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