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The baby house Living room Living room

Our baby program is located in this home.

This is the living room where children learn to crawl and walk.

Here is another view of the living room.

Dining room Entry and cubbies Cubbies

The dining room is used for playing as well as eating meals. The opening between the kitchen and the dining room looks out into the living room so that teachers have full view of the children while preparing meals.

This is the entry way that families use and another set of cubbies. One more set of cubbies is in the front napping room.

Every child has his own cubby to store his belongings..

Back napping room Front napping room Glider

The older children use the back bedroom for their naps.

This is the front napping room where the youngest babies sleep.

The glider was put in for nursing mothers who wish to visit their child during their lunch hour.

Diaper table Back entry stairs

The diaper table is located in the bathroom. Panda babies provides all diapers and wipes for the babies.

The patio is used for riding toys.

This is the back door that families use to enter the baby home. Children's cubbies are located just inside the door. Everyone removes their shoes when entering, so the living room and bedroom floors are kept clean for crawling babies.

The backyard

There is a large sand box in the back corner of the yard for digging and building.

This is the back yard where the toddlers play on nice days.

Hours: 7:30-5:30 Monday through Friday

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